Probing Fish

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I really should put a talk together of the strange things I’ve done in the kitchen… Sometimes it’s just easier to gather empirical data than do the theoretical model.

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thoughts on “Probing Fish”

  1. Nice, that makes sense. I would expect the salt-baked to have a more gradual increase, as opposed to the direct air temperature heat, and that then the proximal heat would cook the fish more evenly, disbursing the heat evenly throughout the fish. But it is cool that you are actually interested in the exact science behind it.
    I’d be even more interested to see what the moisture differences in the end product are. Is there a unique difference or not. I would expect there is, but to prove so, would be nice.
    I love that, keep it up.

  2. So, what are you doing here? Anindita and Andrew are our friends and they told me about you and your site and I’ve been lurking for a while. What are you probing this fish for?

    1. Hi Wayne – those are temperature probes; I was (trying) to check surface vs internal temperature differences in salt dome vs standard baked fish. I say “trying” because the temperature probes we had weren’t high-temp safe; hopefully will get some soon to re-try the experiment.

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