Life on the Road

I’m exactly halfway through my DIY Book Tour for Cooking for Geeks—day 22 of 44—and life on the road has already been an amazing experience.

To date, I’ve given talks in Washington DC, Ft Lauderdale, Austin, Houston, Toronto, New York City, Pittsburgh, and Chicago. Visting so many places in such a short time span is a real study in the diversity of our country (and Canada). Food habits, culture, and attitudes definitely differ. Austin is a runner’s town; Houston, decidedly not so. Food trucks in Austin are more than trendy, they’re actually shockingly good; Chicago is still trying to overturn ordinances banning them. Washington DC was a pleasant surprise; the community has a great collegiate feel to is.

Across all these cities, one thing is constant: I’m amazed at just how incredibly kind people are everywhere. To my new friends in Austin, that evening with a great bottle of wine on the lake’s edge was just amazing. To the guys in Houston, I had a great time (and sorry about the mess ;-). Pittsburgh’s Waffle Shop was a blast; I hope to get video of the interview posted here in the next week or so.

And to everyone who has come out to say hello or ask a question, thank you. It’s been an amazing experience.

Tomorrow is one of my “off” days, then I’m off to the west coast for the second half of my tour. If you’re in Seattle, Portland, Bay Area, or the LA area, check back on my blog in the next few days for my October tour schedule.

Here’s to the next 22 days!