Cooking for Geeks Party

I’m sitting in a café in sunny LA with the goofiest of grins on my face, because of an email I just received:

I received your book as a present from my 12-year-old brother for Christmas last year and it was perfect for me! After reading the book, I decided to take your preface to heart and share it with others. Except instead of passing your book on, I hosted a party based on the book. We started out with the taste and smell experiments (had some trouble with counting our taste buds), Then I had everyone bring three ingredients and we all had to make a dish based on those random items using tips from your book. And dessert was made on an antigriddle. Overall we had a blast! I just wanted to thank you for writing this book and show you our party:

Oh, and we are all biomedical graduate students so we definitely qualify as geeks 😉


How awesome is that? Another thing to add to my “list of things I never thought would happen.” (Which has been growing at an alarming rate recently.) And Taylor, I couldn’t possibly comment on how I feel about spam…