Book Club – Nov 12th, 2009

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This is a guest post by Jed Shireman

On Thursday, Mackenzie Cowell, Andrew Shalit, and I were united by one amazing and educational culinary experience: dinner at the home of the ever curious and insightful Jeff Potter. It was an evening of yummy food, little known facts, and generous portions of geeky puns. If the night was just a taste of the knowledge and humor found in Jeff’s soon to be published book, Cooking for Geeks, then I will be one happy boy when I finally get my hands on it.

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Book Club – Nov 5th, 2009

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The following is a guest post by Steve Hershman.

I’ve been fortunate enough to be invited (and to my surprise invited back) to several book clubs so I usually know what to expect. When I got an email Wednesday night that mentioned the possibility of having us “*shudder* order pizza” I was quite surprised. Of course Jeff never did order that pizza, yet this was still no ordinary book club.

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Test Club – Nov 2nd, 2009

This is a guest post by Josh Vickery. Joining Josh for this dinner were Earl Wagner, Michael Betancourt, and Lee Butterman.

Cooking with Jeff Potter presented a delightful mix of the familiar and the ultra geeky. The menu, printed from Jeff’s pending book, was presented to the would-be cooks for the evening and set the tone for the night.

  • Chicken: Roasted, but what’s a spatchcock and why would we want it?
  • Asparagus: Steamed, but in the microwave and in a sealed container (this sounded dangerous to me)
  • Potatoes: Boiled then pan fried, but why care about the starch content of our (starchy) potatoes?
  • Chocolate mousse: I thought agar was something reserved for weird jelly candies.

It sounded pretty darn geeky, but also delicious.

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Test Club – Oct 25th, 2009 Edition

This is a guest post by Sarah Davitt

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So I have been fortunate enough to have gotten involved with the magical “Jeff Potter” and his IR thermometer. As is usual, I show up, Jeff cooks something amazing, or we spend the time tasting the epic selection of drink possibilities. So I got the invitation to show up… and I was standing around, mildly famished, looking for the appetizers, because as brilliant as I am, I managed to miss the point of the gathering… because this Midwestern Farmer’s Daughter (ok daughter of a racecar driver and an art professor) was going to roll up her sleeve, and cook… *duck*.

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