Book Club: Sept 10th, 2009 Edition

The following is a guest post by Ed & Jamie
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At the table this evening were Shimon, Ed, and Jamie, with Shimon volunteering for camera duty. Tonight’s experiments: homemade mozzarella cheese and sous vide chicken.

This evening’s “menu” was a from-scratch Mozzarella cheese experiment. After two attempts, the cheese didn’t quite “take shape” but, we had a great time watching!

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The best thing about about this “book club” (besides the fun & tasty food you get to try) is that it actually makes you want to cook something. We had not been cooking much at home over the last few weeks of the summer, so we were looking forward to this cooking demonstration/discussion.

As we raided our garden for fresh herbs to bring along, we had a heady sense of anticipation thinking of the interesting new cooking techniques we were sure to observe. Although we have never cooked with “chemicals” at home, the evening really inspired us to think “out of the box” about food, preparation, and all its possibilities.

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Using a vacuum sealer, cooking chicken ‘sous vide’, using liquid nitrogen to dry a piece of lemon verbena, and being a part of the (failed) cheese creation experiment imparted to us that complex food concepts can be fun in their execution, and tackling a few ourselves might not be such a bad idea.

Observing Jeff mix and measure, twist and shape, proved to be a very informative and yet interactive experience which motivated us enough to get to the grocery store a few days later and try some cooking experiments of our own.

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– Ed & Jamie